Find Your Family Roots

My name is Judy Gudger Krueger, and I've been researching my family history for over 45 years. After many years of publishing books and articles, I've finally decided to put much of the information I've accumulated on line. I hope you find it helpful!

Forest Avenue


Vermillion, South Dakota 1873-1980

     I wrote this book several years ago after helping Forest Avenue in Vermillion, South Dakota to become a Historical District.  In doing research on the houses, I became fascinated with the people who had lived in them over the years.  I attemped to locate the families who had lived on the street and find their stories, and when I could, their photographs.  Click on "Forest Avenue" above to open the book, which includes and extensive index.

     Here is a partial list of names people who are mentioned in the book.  I hope they will be of help to you as you research your family:  Abell, Agersborg, Alger, Allison, Anderson, Andre, Andrews, Bacon, Barrett, Barton, Beede, Bell, Bergren, Bowman, Bridgeman, Brodsky, Brosius, Burgess, Cave, Chaney, Charrlin, Christol, Christophelsmeier, Clark, Collar, Colvin, Cooper, Cotton, Crawford, Crew, Cushman, Dahl, Davies, Devay, Dillon, Donaho, Driscoll, Dunham, Edgerton, Elmore, Ely, Emery, Endresen, Epstein, Faulk, Fauss, Fellows, Fodden, Fotis, Frary, Frinkman, Gillen, Grange, Gross, Groves, Gudger, Gunderson, Hansen, Hanson, Harrington, Harris, Hart, Hawkins, Hayter, Hayward, Hed, Heiberg, Heikes, Hudson, Hunt, Hunter, Inman, Janklow, Jarmuth, Jensen, Jepsen, Johnson, Jones, Karambelas, Kelsey, Kerns, Kiesau, Krueger, Larson, Lass, Lee, Leikvold, Lennon, Lewis, Lien, Lotze, Lyckholm, Mathews, Mayo, McDonald, McGlumphy, McHenry, McKercher, McVicker, Miller, Monroe, Morten, Nelson, Neumayr, Nickerson, Noble, Oake, O'Connor, Olson, Packard, Palm, Paris, Paulson, Peanasky, Pederson, Perry, Peterson, Powell, Pentice, Quimby, Reedy, Richardson, Rowley, Saeger, Semrow, Sharp, Shaw, Sims, Skeen, Smith, Spark, Stanley, Sterling, Swanson, Thatcher, Thompson, Tucker, Vaith, Walker, Wallace, Wastlund, Webster, Wendt, Westre, Wildman, Zimmerman.